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Room Parents

What is a Room Parent?

A room parent is a liaison between the teacher, families, school and the PTO. You will meet the needs of your teacher and help keep the parents in your class current on school events and information. Some duties may include:

Facilitating Communication

The teacher or PTO may request that you pass on information or organize events on behalf of your class. This may include:

  • encouraging all parents to participate in fundraisers and make a pledge drive donation

  • coordinating holiday and teacher appreciation classroom gifts

  • forwarding emails from the PTO

  • gathering donations and creating a classroom basket for the Paseo Island Festival Auction

  • relaying miscellaneous information, such as teacher supply needs

  • encouraging parents to volunteer for school events

  • periodically attending PTO meetings

Within the first few weeks of school, work with the teacher to create a class roster which includes at least ONE email address per child. If you have multiple addresses per child, be sure to include ALL of them in class emails. Make sure to provide the Room Parent Coordinator with a copy of the roster.

Events & Volunteering

Our school holds several school-wide events throughout the year that also call for parent volunteers. We rely on room parents to encourage families to volunteer for school events such as:

  • Western Social

  • Canned Food Drive

  • Staff Luncheons

  • Sales Based Fundraisers

  • Paseo Island Festival